Michelle M. Oldroyd, Esq.

michelle-oldroydMichelle Oldroyd is passionate about making a difference and building a better future in education and focuses on bridging the gaps between private and public education curriculum in classrooms K-12.  She is well known for her dispute conflict resolution process and attributes her success to the professional mentoring she received and the relationships she has built throughout her career.


Title: 1) Director of the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education 2) Associate Professor
Company: 1) Office of the Lieutenant Governor 2) University of Utah
Location: Salt Lake City, UT United States

  • American Bar Association
  • Board Member, Utah Law Related Education
  • Founding Board Member, Utah Council on Conflict Resolution
  • Utah State Bar Association
  • Various Nonprofit Educational Groups


  • Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2016)
  • Featured Member, Pro-Files Magazine, Who’s Who Publishers (2016)
  • Professional of the Year, Worldwide Branding (2016, 2015, 2014, 2011)
  • Featured Member, Live365 (2015)
  • Inductee, Elite Women Worldwide (2015)
  • Inductee, Top Female Executives (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012)
  • Inductee Elite American Lawyers (2014, 2011)
  • Featured Member, Calendar Series, Who’s Who Publishers (2011)
  • VIP of the Year, Cambridge Who’s Who (2010)
  • Inductee, Platinum Lifetime Membership, Cambridge Who’s Who (2009)


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