John W. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has over four decades of experience finding solutions to major challenges facing humanity through applied research associated with plant and biological sciences. His research is focused on contributing to the development of world agriculture and helping to combat health and disease through cost effective ways of feeding the growing population.

Title: 1) Founder, President 2) Founder, Chief Science Officer
Company: 1) John W. Kennedy Consultants 2) Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.
Website:  1)
Website:  2)
Location: Stevensville, MD United States


  • American Legion
  • Eagle Scout
  • Elks Club
  • Entomological Society of America
  • Lifetime Member, Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.


  • Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2016, 2014)
  • Recipient, Eagle Scout Award (2016)
  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2014)
  • Featured, “Stevensville Scientist Testing Biotech in Space,” Chesapeake Business Ledger (2010)
  • Professional of the Year, Worldwide Branding (2013, 2010)
  • VIP of the Year, Cambridge Who’s Who (2008)
  • Inductee, Associate Membership, Cambridge Who’s Who (2007)
  • Recipient, Distinguished Alumni Award, D.C. Everest High School (2002)
  • Published Author, “To Slay a Demon,” Galde Press, Inc. (2001)
  • Featured, Discovery of The Lost Pyramid in Rock Lake, Wisconsin, A&E and Discovery Channel (1998)
  • Featured, Discovery of The Lost Pyramid in Rock Lake, Wisconsin, Skin Diver Magazine (1969)
  • Two Time Recipient, NASA Space Act Agreement
  • Multiple Patents on-orbit processing of plant, animal and human undifferentiated cells

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