Harry Levitt Ph.D.

Humanitarian AwardTitle: Audiologist, CEO, Chief Scientist
Company: Advanced Hearing Concepts Inc.
Location:  Bodega Bay, CA United States





  • American Academy of Audiology
  • American Auditory Society
  • American Speech-Hearing-Language Association
  • League for the Hard of Hearing, New York, NY
  • National Institutes of Health


  • Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2017)
  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2016)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who (2000-2016)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in the World (1999-2008)
  • Recipient, James Jerger Career Award in Audiology (2006)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare (2002)
  • Recipient, Lifetime Achievement Award, American Auditory Society (2001)
  • Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine (1989-2000)
  • Recipient, New York City Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Science and Technology (1999)
  • Recipient, Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award, National Institute of Health (1988)
  • Recipient, District Achievement Award (1987)
  • Honors of the Society, New York State Speech-Hearing Language Association (1985)
  • Recipient, Professional Achievement Award, New York State Speech Language Hearing Association (1984)
  • National Winner, Computing to Aid the Handicapped, Johns Hopkins (1981)
  • Fellow, World Rehabilitation Fund (1980)
  • Recognition, American Speech Language Hearing Association (1980)
  • Recipient, Fletcher Award in Technical Applications, New York League for the Hard of Hearing (1975)
  • Fellow, Acoustical Society of America (1970)
  • Fulcrum Scholar (1968)
  • BEIT Fellow (1960-1963)
  • Honorable Oliver Lodge Scholar, Institute of Electrical Engineers London (1962-1963)

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