Dr. Richard N. Ady

Titles: 1) Minister, Educator, Missionary  2) Founding President of World English Institute  3) Co-Founder and President Emeritus of Nations University
Organizations:  1) Churches of Christ 2) World English Institute 3) Nations University
Current Location: Gresham, Oregon, United States


  • Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas (B.A. 1956, M.S. 1957)
  • Churches of Christ, Minister, Corpus Christi, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Portland, Oregon, Santa Rosa, California (1957-1989)
  • Columbia Christian College School of Biblical Studies, Taipei, Taiwan (Founder, 1968-1974)
  • Columbia Christian College, Portland, Oregon (Adjunct professor, 1964-1976)
  • Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas (Director, Bible Chair, 1957-1961)
  • Friends of Refugees (FOR) in Santa Rosa, California (Founder 1981-1982)
  • Indochinese Refugee Resettlement Agency, Santa Rosa (Board member, 1981-1982)
  • Metro Church of Christ, Gresham, Oregon (Elder, 1890-2016)
  • Nations University, West Monroe, LA (Co-Founder, President, President Emeritus, 1995-2020)
  • ROTC, New Mexico State University (1949-1951)
  • San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California (D.Min, 1984)
  • Sonoma County Refugee Forum, Santa Rosa (President, 1982-1983)
  • University of New Mexico, Student Activity Center, (President, 1962-1964)
  • World English Institute, Gresham, Oregon (Founding President, President Emeritus, 1989-2020)


  • Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2020)
  • Author, nineteen international Bible course books (1990-2020)
  • Recipient, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2020)
  • Author, nine international English course books (1991-2016)
  • Co-Recipient with my wife Maudine, Christian Service Award, Harding University (2011)
  • Co-Recipient with my wife Maudine, Christian Service Award, Pepperdine University (1993)
  • Shipped 40-foot container of hospital equipment and medical supplies to Tirana, Albania (1993)
  • Co-author, Nguyen thi Long An/The Vietnamese Experience in America (1992)
  • Co-Founded Nations University (1995)
  • Founded World English Institute (1989)
  • Named Minister of the Year, Pacific Christian Academy (1983)
  • Recipient, Teacher of the Year, Columbia Christian College (1972)
  • Contributor to numerous articles and professional journals

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  1. “I do not seek fame and fortune. I seek only the will of God and to serve his people, as did Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry. All glory belongs to God. I am only his humble servant.” ~ Dr. Richard N. Ady

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