Marianne J. Legato, MD, PhD (hon. c.), FACP

Titles: 1) Emerita Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, 2) Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School, 3) Director of the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine

 Location: New York, New York, United States


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American College of Physicians (fellow)
  • American College of Women’s Health Physicians
  • American Federation for Clinical Research
  • American Heart Association, Inc. (committee on digoxin, 1971-1973) (committee on nomenclature and criteria, board of directors, fundraising committee, 1976-1979) (task force on women’s health, 1992-Present)
  • American Medical Association
  • Heart of New York Ball, American Heart Association, Inc. (co-chair, 1980-1984)
  • International Congress on Gender-Specific Medicine (honorary president, 2006-2008)
  • International Society for Gender-Specific Medicine (2006-Present)
  • International Society for Heart Research
  • Israel Society for Gender Medicine (honorary member, 2010)
  • Japanese Association for Gender-Specific Medicine (advisor)
  • National Institutes of Health (cardiovascular and pulmonary study section, 1973-1977)
  • New York County Society of Medicine
  • New York Heart Association (senior investigator, 1968-1972)
  • New York Society of Internal Medicine
  • New York University School of Medicine
  • New York Women’s Medical Association (1997-Present)
  • Parent Committee for Review of Applications for Ischemic Heart Disease Specialized Centers of Research, National Institutes of Health (1983)
  • Setting the Research Agenda for Women’s Health for the 21st Century, Office of Research on Women’s Health, National Institutes of Health (co-chair, 1997-1998)
  • Sixth Annual Congress on Women’s Health (chairwoman, 1998)
  • Task Force on Women’s Health, National Institutes of Health (scientific co-chair, 1998)
  • The Austrian Society of Gender Medicine (honorary president, heritage affiliate board of directors, 2008 and 2011)
  • The New York Academy of Medicine (committee on admissions, vice-chairman, 1981-1982) (committee on medical education, nominating committee, 1979-1986)
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
  • University of Panama


  • Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2021)
  • Featured Listee, America’s Top Doctors (1999-2021)
  • Recipient, PROSE Award in Biomedicine for The Plasticity of Sex: The Molecular Biology and Clinical Features of Genomic Sex, Gender Identity and Sexual Behavior, The Association of American Publishers (2021)
  • Honoree, 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, Women’s eNews (2020)
  • Recipient, PROSE Award in Clinical Medicine for Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine: Gender in the Genomic Era, The Association of American Publishers (2018)
  • Recipient, Difference Maker 100 Award, TIAA-CREF (2018)
  • Featured Listee, America’s Best Physicians (2016)
  • Featured Listee, National Sex and Gender Based Physician Registry (2016)
  • Recipient, Honorary Award for Excellence in Science, International Congress of Cardiology (2016)
  • Recipient, Civic Spirit Award, Women’s City Club of New York (2014)
  • Featured Listee, Top Doctors, New York Media LLC (1999-2013)
  • Recipient, Heroes in Women’s Health Award, CVS/Caremark (2008)
  • Recipient, President’s Award, Women in Health Management (2006)
  • Featured Listee, Dictionary of International Biography (2006)
  • Eponym, Marianne J. Legato, M.D. Gender-Specific Medicine Award, Meredith Publishing Company (2006)
  • Recipient, Shirley Sacks Women’s Health Award for Distinguished Service in Gender-Specific Medicine, National Council on Women’s Health, Inc. (2005)
  • Honoree, Lila A. Wallis Distinguished Visiting Professor in Women’s Health at Weill Cornell Medicine (2005)
  • Honoree, Achievement in Research Excellence for Scientific Advancement in Gender-Specific Medicine (2005)
  • Featured Professional, Changing the Face of Medicine Exhibit, National Library of Medicine (2003)
  • Recipient, Outstanding Woman in Science Award, American Medical Women’s Association (2002)
  • Recipient, Woman in Science Award, Women’s Medical Association (1997, 2002)
  • Honoree, Named as “The Woman that Makes a Difference,” American Women’s Medical Association (1997)
  • Honoree, Named as One of Ten Heroes in Women’s Health, American Health for Women (1997)
  • Winner, Best in Category of Women’s Health for “Shattering the Myths: The Truth About Women and Coronary Artery Disease,” International Medical Film Festival (1995)
  • Recipient, Silver Award, The Charleston International Film Festival: Film and Video Awards (1995)
  • Recipient, Leadership in Action Award, Women’s Action Alliance (1994)
  • Featured Listee, “1,000 Women For the Nineties,” Mirabella Fifth Anniversary Issue (1994)
  • Recipient, Women With Heart Award, Long Island Heart Council (1993)
  • Recipient, Blakeslee Award, American Heart Association, Inc. (1992)
  • Recipient, Research Career Development Award, National Institutes of Health (1972-1977)
  • Recipient, J. Murray Steele Award, New York Heart Association (1971)
  • Honoree, Martha Lyon Slater Fellowship, New York Heart Association (1965-1968)
  • Honoree, Fellow, American College of Physicians

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