John B. Rabun Jr.

Title: Criminal Justice Agency Director
Company: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Location: Tybee Island, GA United States




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Haruko Kazama, D.Sc.

Title: Biologist, Professor Emeritus
Company:  International Christian University
Location: Suginami-Ku Tokyo, Japan

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Vernon D. Holleman, MD

Title: Internist
Company: Texas A&M College of Medicine
Location: Temple, TX United States

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Harvey L. Alpern, MD

Title: Cardiologist
Location: Santa Monica, CA United States




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Lothar H. Reh, Ph.D.

Title: Engineering Educator, Consultant
Company: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Location: Zumikon, Switzerland





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Margaret A. Warwick

Title: Health Science Facility Administrator, Consultant (Retired)
Company: Clinical Laboratory Consultant Services, Inc.
Location:  Marlton, NJ United States

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