Delaine A. Eastin

Title: Distinguished Educator; Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Location: Davis, CA United States
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James V. Fogarty, EdD

Title: CEO, Consultant, Educator,
Special Education Administrator
Company: Galway Consultants, Inc.
Location: Patchogue, NY United States
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Mark L. Jones

Title: UniServ Program Director
Company: NEW- Alaska
Location: Anchorage, AK United States

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Deemathie de Silva, PhD

Title: Educator, University Administrator
Location: Bel Aire, KS United States


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Jesse Bethke Gomez, MMA

Title: Executive Director
Company: Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Location: Saint Paul, MN United States

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Dr. Peggy M. Billings, D.L.A.

Title: Religious Organization Administrator; Educator (Retired)
Company: Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church
Location: Trumansburg, NY United States
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