Jerome M. Selby

Title: Owner; Former Mayor
Company: Kodiak Tax Service; Borough of Kodiak
Location: Kodiak, AK United States
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Therese A. Boisvert, M.Ed.

Title:  Credentialing Compliance Coordinator
Location:  La Crosse, WI United States

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Myrna L. Fischman, PhD, CPA

Title: Accountant, Adviser, Director, Professor
Company:  Long Island University Brooklyn
Location: Brooklyn, NY United States

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Dr. John H. Warner, Jr.

Title: Business Executive (Retired)
Company: Science Applications Intl Corp
Location: La Jolla, CA United States
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Barbara L. Hughes

Title: Associate Managing Director (Retired)
Company: American Lung Association of Minnesota
Location: Fridley, MN United States

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Morgan F. Myers

Title: Management Consultant (Retired)
Company: Life Scan (J&J Company)
Location: Sunnyvale, CA United States

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Mary D. O’Brien

Title: Commissioner, Acting President
Company: The Ethics County Tax Board
Location: Maplewood, NJ United States

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Donna R. Gloshen, RSBA

Title: Educational Administrator (Retired)
Company: Educational Service Unit #3
Location: Vonore, TN United States


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