John W. Schott, MD

Title: Investment Banker, Psychiatrist
Location: Orlando, FL United States

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Robert W. Schaefer, CPA

Title: Banker (Retired)
Company: First National Bank of Maryland
Location: Towson, MD United States

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Alan Jones

Title: 1) Director 2) Senior Advisor 3) Vice Chairman
Company: 1) Morgan Stanley 2) Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
3) Private Credit and Equity
Location: New York, NY United States

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John W. Davis, Fellow, CPCM

Title: Consultant, Real Estate Broker (Retired)
Company: GM15
Location: Sand Diego, CA United States
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Richard W. Clark

Title:  Financial Management Consultant, Decon
Community Service Professional, Pianist

Location:  San Francisco, CA United States

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Emily Harkins Filer, CVA, Honorary LHD

Title: Foundation Administrator (Retired), Associate Chaplain, Writer
Company: Lee Harkins Endowment Committee
Location:  Virginia Beach, VA United States

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Joan Ferry

Title: Counseling Administrator
Company: Capital Funding Solutions
Location:  Perkasie, PA United States


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Robert B. Lamb, Ph.D.

Title: 1) Adjunct Professor of Management and Organizations
2) Business Advisor

Company:  1) Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University
2) U.S. and foreign commercial banking and investment corporations

Location:  Larchmont, NY United States

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