Christian-Andrew Wethe

Title: Commander Coast Guard
Reserves (Retired)

Company: United States Coast Guard

Location:  West Windsor, New Jersey
United States
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David R. Craig

Title: Executive Director, TopHop,
Former State Legislator
Company: Maryland World War I
Centennial Commission
Location:  Havre De Grace, Maryland
United States

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Timothy Wayne Finney

Title: Drug Demand Reduction Program Manager
Company: 60 Air Mobility Command
Travis Air Force Base
Location:  Sun City, California, United States
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Lt . Col. Lamont Relf Gibson USAF (Ret.)

Titles: Retired United States of America Diplomat, Lt. Col. USAF,  Federal Government Senior Executive
Location:  Washington, DC United States
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Lori Whitney

Title: Legislative Staff Member
Company: Wisconsin State Assembly
Location:  Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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Lt. Col. Raymond. F. Besecker, USAF/GE (Ret.)

Title: Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force/New York Air National Guard (Retired)

Company: General Electric

Location:  East Syracuse, New York
United States
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Antronette Robinson, MSN, RN

Title: 1) Owner 2) Nursing Director

Company: 1) Maestro Coffee Shop
2) Community Care VA Hospital

Location:  Sacramento, California
United States

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Col. Jonathan M. Cohen (Ret.)

Title: Program Manager/Director, Medical Strategic Leadership Program
Company: United States Army Medical Center of Excellence
Location:  San Antonio, Texas, United States

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Mayor Dr. Michael-Angelo James, DTM

Title: Mayor
Company: City of Waycross
Location:  Waycross, Georgia, United States
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