Sandra Copman, EdD

Title:  Development Executive, Coordinator, Transition Specialist
Company: Boston Special Education Transition for Career Network
(B-SET), Massachusetts Advocates for Children
Location: North Grafton, MA United States
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Jeffrey S. Borer, MD

Title:  Professor of Medicine
Company: University Hospital of Brooklyn,
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Location:  New York, NY United States
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Alice J. Olson, LMHC, LCAC, NCAC II

Title: Addictions and Mental Health Counselor
Company: Parkdale Center for Professionals
Location: Valparaiso, IN United States

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E. Dorinda Shelley

Title: Author, Dermatologist
Location: Grand Rapids, OH United States
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Debra Bartz, MS, AADP, CHP, CGP, TCM, Hormone Trained Specialist

Title:  1) Learn Conquer Soar Coaching
2) United Airlines

Company: 1) Owner 2) Captain, Airbus 320
Location: Clayton, CA United States


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Francis Y. Falck Jr., MD, PhD, MS

Title: Ophthalmologist
Company:  Falck Eye Center, L.L.C.
Location: Mystic, CT United States
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Judy K. Gray

Title:  Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Philanthropist
Company: North American Herb and Spice
Location: Lake Forest, IL United States

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Walter R. Schwartz, MD, FACOG

Title:   Obstetrician, Gynecologist (Retired)
Location:  Milwaukee, WI United States
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Sally H. Gallot-Reeves, RN

Title:  Executive Director, Author
Company: Connect the Dots
Location: Madbury, NH United States
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Robert C. Langdon, MD

Title: Medical Director
Company: The Langdon Center
for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Guilford, CT United States
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