Michael Craig Barris, PhD

Michael Craig Barris, PhDTitle: Neurophysiologist

Company: Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fredonia, New York, United States



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Gale Mitchell Hinson, MSW

Title: Clinical Social Worker Supervisor (Retired)

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, United States

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James C. Rajotte, MS

Title: 1) Director of Strategy and Innovation 2) Adjunct Professor
Company: 1) Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services 2) Rhode Island College
Location: Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States

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Dr. Jean R. Starkey

Title: Associate Research Professor
Company: Montana State University
Location: Manhattan, Montana, United States

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David A. Gooray, MD, FACC

Title: Cardiologist

Company: University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center

Location: Largo, Maryland, United States

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Mevlude Markashi, RN, BSN, CHFP

Mevlude Markashi, RN, BSN, CHFPTitle: Clinical Operations Consultant

Company: Markashi Home Health Consulting, LLC

Location: Staten Island, New York, United States



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