Thomas C. Price Zimmermann, PhD

Title: Historian, Educator (Retired)
Company: Davidson College
Location: Huntersville, NC United States


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Dolores Van Rensalier

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner, President, Research Genealogist
Company: Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation
Location: San Diego, CA United States

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Louise Kerz Hirschfeld

Title: Cultural Historian (Retired)
Location: New York, NY United States


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Kenneth L. Kusmer, PhD

Title: Professor of History, Author
Company: Temple University
Location: Landsdowne, PA United States

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Ernest E. Blevins, MFA

Title: Genealogist, Researcher, Historian,
Preservationist, Archaeologist
Company: Blevins Historical Research
Location: Charleston, WV United States
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Randall A. Fegley, PhD

Title: Associate Professor,
History and Political Science
Company: The Pennsylvania State University
Location: Shillington, PA
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