Arthur C. Silverman, Esq.

Title: Building Construction Lawyer
Company:  Rosenberg & Estis, P.C.
Location: New York, NY United States
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Hon. James A. Kenney III

Title: Senior Judge
Company: Court of Special Appeals, Maryland
Location: Hollywood, MD United States
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Jonathan Schochor, JD

Title: Lawyer
Company: Schochor, Federico & Staton, P.A.
Location: Baltimore, MD United States
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Christine M. Waisanen

Title: Lawyer, Writer
Company: Hill, Katzenstein & Waisanen
Location: Wilmington, DE, United States
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Rose A. Fleming, PhD, JD, SNDdeN

Title:  Special Assistant to the President
Company: Xavier University
Location: Cincinnati, OH United States

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Poka Laenui (Hayden F. Burgess)

Title:  Lawyer
Company: Poka Laenui Aka: Hayden F. Burgess
Location: Waianae, HI United States

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Ammon G. Dunton, Jr.

Title:  Managing Partner
Company: Dunton, Simmons & Dunton
Location: White Stone, VA United States

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