Steven C. Millwee, CPP

Title: President, CEO
Company: SecurTest, Inc.
Location: Panama City Beach, FL United States


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Judy A. Paradis

Title: State Legislator, Educator
Location: Frenchville, ME United States

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Betty J. Turock, PhD

Title: Professor Emerita
Company: Rutgers School of Communication and Information
Location: Highland Park, NJ United States

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Paul Gatzemeier

Paul GatzemeierMr. Gatzemeier along with his wife has established the nonprofit organization Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. (HSHI).  Created in 2014, the organization proudly partners with both equine therapists and disabled veterans to help heal those suffering from psychological trauma and physical disabilities.
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Elaine C. Dancer

Dancer, Elaine - Cover

Ms. Dancer is proud to proclaim that a host of complicated life experiences have not kept her from a joyful journey in life. With an unwavering commitment and strong desire to help people in her community, Ms. Dancer has seen many successes throughout her career.
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Dorothea E. de Zafra-Atwell

de Zafra-Atwell, Dorothea 740950Ms. de Zafra-Atwell’s desire is to make a positive difference in the world. Through early anti-feminist obstacles in her public service career, she has persevered, applying her education and growing skill set to promoting women’s leadership and intercultural knowledge beyond her immediate job responsibilities. More recent interest and efforts include lifelong learning, changing social stereotypes of aging, and eldercare advocacy.
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Cheryl M. Martin


Working for the Louisiana Genetic Diseases Program for over 18 years, Cheryl M. Martin dedicated herself to aiding the newborn children of Louisiana. Her work with the program was a consistent aid to her colleagues and through her efforts and expertise in contract management and administration Mrs. Martin shined. A true humanitarian, Mrs. Martin spends her time helping those around her through numerous volunteering activities with the organizations she is affiliated with.

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