Kathleen Brumbaugh

Kathleen BrumbaughTitle: Pastor

Company: Schenevus United Methodist Church

Location: Schenevus, New York, United States



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Edwin Dean Overton

Edwin Dean OvertonTitle: Educator, Campus Minister (Retired)

Location: Portales, New Mexico, United States




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Eric A. Folds

Eric A. FoldsTitle: 1) Chief Executive Officer, Owner, Dean of Students 2) Founder, Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist 3) Author

Company: 1) Christian University & Theological Seminary 2) Christian Church of God, Inc.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


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Esequiel Sanchez, MM.Div, STB

Title: Rector
Company: The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Location: Des Plaines, Illinois, United States

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Paul Misner, ThD

Paul Misner, ThDTitle: Professor Emeritus of Theology

Company: Marquette University

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States



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Sister Agnes Narocho Walubuka, LSOSF

Sister Agnes Narocho Walubuka, LSOSFTitle: Licensed Assisted Living Administrator

Company: St. Charles Lwanga House

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia, United States



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Monsignor James R. Boddie, Jr.

Monsignor James R. Boddie, Jr.Title: Monsignor

Company: Christ the King Catholic Church

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States



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John S. Lown

Title: Wealth Preservation Consultant
Company: Table Bay Financial, Lown Retirement Planning
Location: Rowlett, Texas, United States

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James Franklin Linzey, D.D.

James Franklin Linzey, D.D.Title: Founding President

Company: Military Bible Association, Inc.

Location: Coffeyville, Kansas, United States



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