Dr. Peggy M. Billings, D.L.A.

Title: Religious Organization Administrator; Educator (Retired)
Company: Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church
Location: Trumansburg, NY United States

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Pastor John H. Townsend

Title: Senior Pastor, Co-Founder,
Chief Executive Officer
Company: MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries
Location: San Diego, CA United States
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E. Ray Moore Jr., MDiv, Th.M.

Title: Pastor, Chaplain, Ministry Director
Company: Frontline Ministries, Exodus Mandate Project
Location: Blythewood, SC United States

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Pastor Paul G. Zimmer, II

Title: Community Care Licensing Professional (Retired)
Company: State of California
Location:San Jacinto, CA United States

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Rev. Orris E. Kelly

Title: Vice President of Pastoral Services, Army Chaplain
Company: Hospital Corporation of America
Location: Manhattan, KS United States
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Rev. James L. Breed, PhD

Title: Minister, Athletic Coach, College Instructor
Location: Elizabeth, IL United States

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