Lawrence E. McPhail

Title: Executive Director
Company: The New Non-Profit Institute (NNPI INC)
Location: Sussex, New Jersey,
United States
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Ronald C. Whittemore

Title: Computer Program Analyst
Company: Datamann, Wilder
Location: Claremont, New Hampshire,
United States

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Subhash Mahajan, PhD

Title: Distinguished Professor of
Material Science & Engineering
Company: University of California, Davis
Location: El Marcero, CA United States
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Robert J. Saldich

Title: Chief Executive Officer, President (Retired)
Company: RayChem Corporation
Location: Palo Alto, CA United States

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Bobby R. Sefton

Title: Telecommunications Company Executive (Retired)
Company: Revenue Ameritech Services
Location: Evanston, IL United States

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Doris K. Lidtke, PhD

Title: Professor Emerita

Company: Towson University,
Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Location: Towson, MD United States

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Alan C. Reid

Title: 1) Senior Information Systems Analyst
2) Logistics Services
Company: 1) A2Z, Inc. 2) United States
Marine Corps (Retired)
Location:  Vista, CA United States
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