Dr. John H. Warner, Jr.

Title: Business Executive (Retired)
Company: Science Applications Intl Corp
Location: La Jolla, CA United States
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Raouf A. Guirguis, MD, MS, PhD

Title: President and CEO, Health Science Executive

Company: 1) AiSim Tech, LLC
2) Global Preparedness International LLC

Location:  Columbia, MD United States

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Lionel V. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Title: University President,
Academic Administrator (Retired)
Company: National Technology University
Location: Fort Collins, CO United States
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Sylvain Castel

Sylvain CastelSylvain Castel’s entrepreneurial spirit works to invent and develop digital systems dedicated to the transition towards a sustainable world. On a daily basis he drives his personal brand and communicates his extraordinary vision. With help from his multidisciplinary and international team, he brings together the best know-how to create the most ergonomic and efficient interfaces between man and the machine.

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