Lionel V. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Title: University President,
Academic Administrator (Retired)
Company: National Technology University
Location: Fort Collins, CO United States
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Sylvain Castel

Sylvain CastelSylvain Castel’s entrepreneurial spirit works to invent and develop digital systems dedicated to the transition towards a sustainable world. On a daily basis he drives his personal brand and communicates his extraordinary vision. With help from his multidisciplinary and international team, he brings together the best know-how to create the most ergonomic and efficient interfaces between man and the machine.

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Ric Diaz

Diaz, Ric

Mr. Diaz brings more than 38 years of experience to his current position as the Director of Sales and Business Development for Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions.  His former military background and experience allows him to present the proper intelligence tools, marine and land systems, weapon and sensor systems using geospatial technologies to consumers.


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