Carol A. White

Title: President, Football Coach
Company: Kick-Aid Inc.
Location: Athens, GA United States 
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June D. Fleming

Title: City Manager (Retired)
Location: Franklin, VA United States

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James W. Anderson, MD, FACN, FACP

Title: Medical Educator
Company: University of Kentucky
Location: Hermitage, TN United States


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M. Scott Downing

Title: Budget Systems Analyst
Location: Springfield, VA United States
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Rose M. Taylor Calhoun, RN, MEd, CPHQ, MBLSS

Title: Healthcare Quality Consultant
Location: Sugar Land, TX United States
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Donald N. Rothblatt, PhD

Title: Urban and Regional Planner, Educator
Location: Palo Alto, CA United States

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Ronald C. Whittemore

Title: Computer Program Analyst
Company: Datamann, Wilder
Location: Claremont, NH United States

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