Jacob A. Lohr, MD

Title: Pediatrician, Educator
Company: University of North Carolina, Department of Pediatrics
Location: Chapel Hill, NC United States

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Rubin S. Cooper, MD

Title: Pediatric Cardiologist
Company: NewYork Presbyterian Hospital
Location: New Hyde Park, NY United States

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Stuart E. Siegel, MD

Title: Pediatric Oncologist, Director  2) Educator

Company: 1) Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
2) USC, Keck School of Medicine

Location:  Los Angeles, CA United States

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Wayne H. Finley, M.D., Ph.D.

Title:  Medical Educator (Retired)
Company: University of Alabama
School of Medicine
Location: Birmingham, AL United States
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Deborah K. Bublitz, MD, FAAP

Title: Pediatrician
Company: Littleton Pediatric Medical Center
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO United States




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Cindy V. Padre, MD

Padre, Cindy - CoverDr. Padre has over a decade of medical experience, with over 10 years as physician of her own private practice. As a dedicated medical professional, she specializes in the field of pediatrics. On a daily basis, she is responsible for providing general pediatric care to patients from birth to age 21.
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