Phillip R. Sloan, PhD

Title: Liberal Studies Educator, Historian of Science,
Philosopher of Life Science

Company: University of Notre Dame
Location: Notre Dame, IN United States

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Donald A. Swanson, PhD

Title: Geologist, Researcher
Company: United States Geological Survey
Location: Hilo, HI United States
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Walter J. McConathy, PhD

Title: Biochemist, Molecular Biologist
Location: Birmingham, AL United States


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Richard L. Sidman, MD

Title: Neuroscientist, Bullard Professor of Neuropathology, Emeritus
Company: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Location: Marlborough, MA United States

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Patricia Davison Mail, PhD

Title:  Public Health Service Officer (Retired)
Location: Tacoma, WA United States

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Pastor John H. Townsend

Title: Senior Pastor, Co-Founder,
Chief Executive Officer
Company: MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries
Location: San Diego, CA United States
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William N. Kelley, MD, MACP

Title: Professor of Medicine
Company: University of Pennsylvania
Location: Vero Beach, FL United States
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John A. Agnew Ph.D.

Title: Distinguished Professor of Geography
Company: UCLA Social Science Division
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States




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