David W. Allen

Title:  Owner
Company: GreenBird LLC
Location: Cincinnati, OH United States
An award winning designer of eco-friendly biodegradable paper birdhouses and other green products for wild birds.
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Alan C. Reid

Title: 1) Senior Information Systems Analyst
2) Logistics Services
Company: 1) A2Z, Inc. 2) United States
Marine Corps (Retired)
Location:  Vista, CA United States
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The Honorable Walter H. Rice

Title:  Federal Judge
Location: Dayton, OH United States

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Carmel J. Cohen MD

Title: Emeritus Professor
Company: Mount Sinai Medical Center
Location: New York, New York, United States

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Dr. Cecil R. May, Jr.

Title:  Dean Emeritus, Professor
Company:  Faulkner University
Location: Montgomery, AL United States
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Edward M. Paul, MD

Title: Psychiatrist, Educator
Location: New York, NY United States
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Stuart E. Siegel, MD

Title: 1) Pediatric Oncologist, Director  
2) Educator (Retired)

Company: 1) Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
2) USC, Keck School of Medicine

Location:  Los Angeles, CA United States
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