Daniel M. Libby, MD

Title: Physician, Pulmonologist
Company: Pulmonary Consultants of New York
Location: New York, NY United States
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Michael N. Pierce, MD, FACP

Title: Medical Director
Company: Quick Clinic Medical Center
Location: Wilton Manors, FL United States

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Arthur B. Hodess, MD

Title: Cardiologist, Chairman of the Board
Company: Brandywine Hospital
Location: Downingtown, PA United States

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Justin D. Pearlman, AB, MD, ME, PhD, MA, FACC

Title: Cardiologist, Medical Doctor, Professor
Location: Brookline, MA United States


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Ralph D. McKibbin, MD

Title: Gastroenterologist, Consultant
Company: Blair Gastroenterology Associates
Location: Duncansville, PA United States


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James W. Anderson, MD, FACN, FACP

Title: Medical Educator
Company: University of Kentucky
Location: Hermitage, TN United States


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William N. Kelley, MD, MACP

Title: Professor of Medicine
Company: University of Pennsylvania
Location: Vero Beach, FL United States
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José Ramírez-Rivera, MD, FCCP, MACP

Title: Physician
Location: Guaynabo, PR United States
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