Richard R. Rosenthal MS, MD, FACP

Title: Physician

Company: Richard R. Rosenthal, MD, Ltd.

Location: Great Falls, Virginia, United States

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Dr. Randeep Suneja

Dr. Randeep SunejaTitle: Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Director

Company: Cardiology Center of Houston

Location: Katy, Texas, United States



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Terri E. Bigler, MD

Title: Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Doctor

Company: Dignity Health

Location: Granite Bay, California, United States



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Vincent Justus Felitti, MD

Vincent Justus Felitti, MDTitle: 1) Clinical Professor of Medicine 2) President 3) Partner Emeritus

Company: 1) University of California 2) California Institute of Preventive Medicine 3) Southern California Permanente Medical Group/Kaiser Permanente

Location: San Diego, California, United States

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LeRoy Elazar Rabbani

Title: Associate Chief of Cardiology for Clinical Operations
Company: Columbia University Medical Center
Location: New York, New York, United States

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John A. Linfoot, MS, MD

Title: 1) Director; Endocrinologist 2) Clinical Professor Emeritus

Company: 1) Diabetes and Endocrine Institute 2) The University of California at Davis School of Medicine

Location: Orinda, California, United States

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Kevin S. Combs, DO, FACOI, LME

Title: Medical Director of Veterans Affairs Clinic
Company: Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital
Location: Tazewell, Virginia, United States
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Douglas M. Levin, MD

Title:  Gastroenterologist (Retired)
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
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Rabahuddin Syed, MD

Rabahuddin Syed, MDTitle: 1) Internist 2) Worldwide Medical Doctor
3) Continuing Education Educator

Company: 1) VireoHealth 2) TelevistMD 3) Master Clinicians

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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