Nancy E. Epstein, MD

Title: 1) Chief of Nuerosurgery 2) Assistant Attending
3) Associate Attending

Company: 1) Winthrop-University Hospital 2) Long Island Jewish Medical Center 3) North Shore University Hospital

Location: New York, NY United States

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Deborah K. Bublitz, MD, FAAP

Title: Pediatrician
Company: Littleton Pediatric Medical Center
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO United States




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David H. Neustadt, MD

Title:  Rheumatologist (Retired)
Location: Louisville, KY United States

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Colonel Carlos B. Zilveti, MD, MPH (Ret.)

Title: Pediatrician, Physician, Preventive Medicine
Company: United States Air Force
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

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Ikar J. Kalogjera, MD, SC

Title: Psychiatrist
Company: Private Practice
Location: Wauwatosa, WI United States





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Vernon D. Holleman, MD

Title: Internist
Company: Texas A&M College of Medicine
Location: Temple, TX United States

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Louis E. Baxter Sr., MD, FASAM

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Medical Director
Company: Professional Assistance
Program of New Jersey
Location: Princeton, NJ United States
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Richard A. Arnell, MD

Title:  Radiologist
Company: Advanced Imaging Center
Location:  Moline, IL United States




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