John W. Schott, MD

Title: Investment Banker, Psychiatrist
Location: Orlando, FL United States

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Jack D. Barchas, MD

Title: Psychiatrist
Company: Weill Cornell Medical College
Location: New York, NY United States
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Michael H. Stone, MD

michael-stoneTitle: Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Company: Columbia College of
Physicians and Surgeons

Location: New York, NY United States



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Allison Felton, MD, ABPN

allison-feltonDr. Felton is a trusted psychiatrist who has worked in her own private practice for over a decade. She provides treatment for all affective disorders, including depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and social anxiety. Dr. Felton enjoys helping her patients succeed in getting well and helping others learn about medicine.
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Dr. Eugenio Tassy

Tassy, Eugenio 513828Title:  Psychiatrist
Company: Eugenio Tassy, MD, PC
Location: Bethpage, NY United States
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