Donna R. Gloshen, RSBA

Title: Educational Administrator (Retired)
Company: Educational Service Unit #3
Location: Vonore, TN United States


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Huu D. Vo, MD

Title: Physician
Company: Huu Dinh Vo, MD, Inc.
Location: Pomona, CA United States

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Steven Kronick, Trillionaire

Title: President
Company: Visual Targeting®
For more information:
Location: Malibu Beach, California
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Robert W. Schaefer, CPA

Title: Banker (Retired)
Company: First National Bank of Maryland
Location: Towson, MD United States

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Jan M. Guy, PA-C, MFS, PhD

jan-guyTitle:  Physician Assistant, Occupational Medicine
Company: HealthWorks Medical Group
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States



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Connie Goodman Milone

Title: Freelance Writer
Location: Miami, FL United States

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Merle C. Schneider

merle-schneiderMerle Schneider’s expertise in fundraising and event management has made her the “go-to person” for getting the job done. Determined to restore the historic Arlington House to its original state of appearance, Ms. Schneider is using her strong skills set and her experience coordinating various events and projects promoting the restoration.


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