Merrill D. Griff, BA, MPH, AART (N, CT), NMTCB

Title: PET/CT Technologist
Company: Massachusetts General Hospital
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

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Philip D. Neuer

Philip D. NeuerTitle: Adjunct Professor, Lawyer, Real Estate Consultant

Company: Safer Development & Management Co.

Location:  West Orange, New Jersey, United States


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Robert Wyman Maguire

Robert Wyman MaguireTitle: Publisher

Company: Maguire Newspapers

Location: North Clarendon, Vermont, United States


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Sybil Haydel Morial

Sybil Haydel MorialTitle: Vice President of External Affairs (Retired)

Company: Xavier University

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


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Anne C. Leonard, CND

Anne C. Leonard, CNDTitle: Chair of the Board of Trustees

Company: Midwestern University, Congregation of Notre Dame

Location: Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States


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Dr. St. Elmo Nauman Jr.

Title: Minister, University Professor (Retired)
Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
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Frederick B. Merk, PhD

Title:  Medical Educator

Company: Tufts University
School of Medicine


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Allen Brings, DMA

Title: Musician, Professor Emeritus
Company: Queens College (CUNY)
Location: Wilton, Connecticut, United States
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