Freddy A. Saavedra

Title: Lawyer
Company: Alex & Saavedra, P.C.
Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

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Becky L. Gill, MD

Title: Psychiatrist (Retired)
Company: Curves of Chiefland
Location: Bronson, FL United States

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Mary P. Garrahan-Masters

Title: Social Worker (Retired), Writer
Location: Havertown, PA United States

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Cherie K. MacQueen

Title: Interior Designer;
Radio and TV Broadcaster (Retired)
Location: Highland, CA United States
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John-Cyril P. Hanisko, PhD

Title: Electronics Engineer, Physicist
Location: Southfield, MI United States

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Cyril J. Denn

Title: Financial Planner (Retired)
Company: MetLife Financial Services
Location:  Mankato, MN United States


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Sgt. Richard W. Jenkins (Ret.)

Richard JenkinsTitle: Sergeant First Class E-7,
25Z Visual Information Chief (Retired)
Company:  United States Army
Location: North Tonawanda, NY United States

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Paul Gatzemeier

Paul GatzemeierMr. Gatzemeier along with his wife has established the nonprofit organization Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. (HSHI).  Created in 2014, the organization proudly partners with both equine therapists and disabled veterans to help heal those suffering from psychological trauma and physical disabilities.
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