Alexander P. Butterfield

Title: Aviation Executive (Retired)
Former Military Officer, Presidential Appointee

Location: La Jolla, CA United States


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David T. Schiff

Title: Investment Banker
Company: Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
Location:  New York, NY United States
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Daniel L. Ridout III, MD, AGAF FACP

Ridout, Daniel coverTitle:  Head of Gastroenterology
Company: Eastern New Mexico Medical Center
Location:Roswell, NM United States

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John W. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has over four decades of experience finding solutions to major challenges facing humanity through applied research associated with plant and biological sciences. His research is focused on contributing to the development of world agriculture and helping to combat health and disease through cost effective ways of feeding the growing population.
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Francie Koehler, CPI, CCDI, CLI

francie-koehlerMs. Koehler has over 30 years of overall experience as the owner and private investigator of Special Circumstances and radio talk show host of “PI’s Declassified!” She is responsible for locating, interviewing and evaluating witnesses for criminal defense trials, as well as collecting evidence, helping attorneys prepare for trial and conducting pre and post-trial investigations. She has established herself as an expert in private investigation, as well as criminal defense.
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Paul Gatzemeier

Paul GatzemeierMr. Gatzemeier along with his wife has established the nonprofit organization Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. (HSHI).  Created in 2014, the organization proudly partners with both equine therapists and disabled veterans to help heal those suffering from psychological trauma and physical disabilities.
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Surya P. Raguthu, MD

Raguthu, SuryaDr. Surya Raguthu is very active in the community, educating people on their health and well-being. He specializes in interventional pain management, life care planning, disability examinations, musculoskeletal and cardiac rehabilitation, and electro-diagnostics studies.  Dr. Raguthu shines as a luminary in his field, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to the health care industry.
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Lyn M. Watner

Watner, Lyn - CoverMs. Watner is creative and innovative with a can-do attitude! Her strong work ethic, leadership skills and motivation have given her the opportunity to successfully work with professional organizations as a fund raising professional.
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Ronald L. Tobia, Esquire

Tobia, Ronald - CoverMr. Tobia brings extensive experience in management labor relations in both the public and private sectors, as well as, in the construction industry. On a daily basis, he litigates NLRB and PERC proceedings, federal and state labor, discrimination and harassment cases.  He frequently litigates employee claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, entitlements under family and medical leave, and wrongful discharge.

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