Vincent Justus Felitti, MD

Vincent Justus Felitti, MDTitle: 1) Clinical Professor of Medicine 2) President 3) Partner Emeritus

Company: 1) University of California 2) California Institute of Preventive Medicine 3) Southern California Permanente Medical Group/Kaiser Permanente

Location: San Diego, California, United States

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Richard W. Gilpin, Ph.D.

Richard W. Gilpin, Ph.D.Title: Owner

Company: Dr. Richard W. Gilpin LLC

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States



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Doris K. Lidtke, PhD

Title: Professor Emerita

Company: Towson University,
Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Location: Towson, MD United States

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Donald A. Swanson, PhD

Title: Geologist, Researcher
Company: United States Geological Survey
Location: Hilo, HI United States
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Gary M. Pryseski, PhD

Title: Secondary School Educator
Company: Mount View Middle School
Location: Lutherville, MD United States

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