Joel S. Nizin, MD

Nizin, Joel - CoverDr. Nizin is an expert in the treatment of colon cancer, ulcerated colitis and Crohn’s disease.  He always takes the time to help each of his patients truly understand their disease and comprehensive treatment process.  His motivation includes his strive for excellence, perseverance and the idea of complex problem-solving.
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Cindy V. Padre, MD

Padre, Cindy - CoverDr. Padre has over a decade of medical experience, with over 10 years as physician of her own private practice. As a dedicated medical professional, she specializes in the field of pediatrics. On a daily basis, she is responsible for providing general pediatric care to patients from birth to age 21.
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E. Thomas Arne Jr., DO, FACC

Arne, E. Thomas - CoverDr. Arne is an invested, compassionate doctor who enjoys developing relationships with his patients and takes time in reviewing medical histories and establishing personalized treatment plans. Dr. Arne is appreciated for being honest and clear with his patients regarding what they need to do improve their quality of life.

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Xiaobin B. Li, MD

Li, Xiaobin - CoverDr. Li has 33 years of medical experience, she was inspired to pursue a medical career because of her experiences in China. Noticing the country lacked appropriate medical services for its people, she was inspired to assume a challenging career in order to help those in need.
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