Connie Goodman Milone


Title: Freelance Writer
Location: Miami, FL United States

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Susan Titus Glascoff

Humanitarian AwardTitle: Public Advocate

Personal Blog:

Company: National Coalition for Family Justice
Location: Irvington, NY United States


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Sr. Clara Esker

Esker, Clara 945980Sister Esker has over five decades of professional experience, with over 16 years as a teacher and learning center director of Moreland Notre Dame School. She became involved in her profession after receiving inspiration from her teachers and tutoring classmates. She imparts a great deal of knowledge to others teaching them how to write well, as well as reinforcing the English skills necessary for success.

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Marcia L. Goodman, Ph.D.

Goodman, Marcia - CoverPossessing an astounding 52 years in medicine, Dr. Goodman has specialized in cardiology and nursing. Complementing Dr. Goodman’s professional experience is her education, which was capped when she received an honorary MD, and earning a Ph.D. in 2006, both from Yale University. Dr. Goodman believes in striving to do the best you know how in all that you do and it will bring you success.

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