Elizabeth “Jonel” Ferguson Kinser, RN, BSN

elizabeth-fergusonIn a career spanning nearly three decades, Ms. Ferguson Kinser has demonstrated excellence as a cardio vascular clinical nurse, interventional radiology nurse and clinical auditor.  Currently, she works at a medical and tertiary referral center that provides level one trauma care in addition to a wide range of other medical services.  She feels most gratified when she is helping patients and families with their medical care to see them through the crisis in front of them. 

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Marcia L. Goodman, Ph.D.

Goodman, Marcia - CoverPossessing an astounding 52 years in medicine, Dr. Goodman has specialized in cardiology and nursing. Complementing Dr. Goodman’s professional experience is her education, which was capped when she received an honorary MD, and earning a Ph.D. in 2006, both from Yale University. Dr. Goodman believes in striving to do the best you know how in all that you do and it will bring you success.

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