Ronald G. Horner, DMA

Title: Professor, Musician
Company: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Location: Indiana, PA United States

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Ernest E. Blevins, MFA

Title: Genealogist, Researcher, Historian,
Preservationist, Archaeologist
Company: Blevins Historical Research
Location: Charleston, WV United States
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George J. Hill, MD

Title:  Physician
Location:  Baltimore, MD United States
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Wayne H. Finley, M.D., Ph.D.

Title:  Medical Educator (Retired)
Company: University of Alabama
School of Medicine
Location: Birmingham, AL United States
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G. Austin Hay

Title: Actor, Artist, Pianist, Writer
Location: Washington, DC United States

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William C. Lickle

Title: Charlesbridge Publishing
Company: Consulting Editor
Location: Boston, MA United States





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