Roy W. Hann Jr., PhD, PE, DEE

Title: Professor Emeritus
Company: Texas A&M University
Location: Gause, TX United States

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Dennis D. Truax, PhD

Title: Civil Engineer, Educator, Consultant
Company: Mississippi State University
Location: Mississippi State, MS United States


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John A. Rumberger PhD, MD, FACC, FSCCT

Title: Director of Cardiovascular Imaging
Company: Princeton Longevity Center
Location: Princeton, NJ United States

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Robert E. Gable

Title: Real Estate Company Executive
Company: The Stearns Co. Ltd.
Location: Frankfort, KY United States
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Carolyn Winstead Meyers, Ph.D.

Title: Academic Administrator, Mechanical Engineer, Educator (Retired)
Company: Jackson State University
Location:  Atlanta, GA United States
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Lionel V. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Title: University President,
Academic Administrator (Retired)
Company: National Technology University
Location: Fort Collins, CO United States
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