Charles A. Dyer

Title: Partner
Company: Dyer & White
Location: Menlo Park, CA United States

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Thomas Silk, JD

Title: Lawyer
Company: Silk Nonprofit Law
Location: Stinson Beach, CA United States


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Patrick C. Coughlan

Title:  Lawyer, Mediator
Company: Conflict Solutions
Location:  Portland, ME United States
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Thomas L. Flattery

Humanitarian AwardTitle: Lawyer, Administrator
Company: Private Practice
Location: Palisades, CA United States




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Michael J. Eyre

michael-eyreMichael Eyre has been specializing in the fields of personal injury, business litigation and real estate law for more than 25 years.  Handling disputes ranging from breach of contract and business dissolution to eminent domain and zoning matters, real estate finance disputes and suits for specific performance.  He is passionate about the field, as well as understanding the business of law and not just the practice of it. 

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