Mary L. Stocks, LISW

Title: Social Worker, Social Services Administrator
Location: Lewis Center, OH United States
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Craig A. Tovey, PhD

1) Engineering Educator 2) Co-Director
1) H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Georgia Institute of Technology
2) Georgia Tech Center for Biologically Inspired Design (CBID)
Location:  Atlanta, GA United States
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Kyle D. Weidman

Title:  Attorney, Partner
Company: The Vance Law Firm
Location: Montgomery, AL United States

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Stanley Goldfarb, MD

Title:  Professor of Medicine
Company: University of Pennsylvania
Location: Bryn Mawr, PA United States

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Patrick W. Doherty

Title: Director of Corporate Governance
Company: State of New York, Office of the State Comptroller
Location: New York, NY United States

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Justin D. Pearlman, AB, MD, ME, PhD, MA, FACC

Title: Cardiologist, Internist,
Medical Doctor, Professor
Location: Brookline, MA United States
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Audrey J. Wolfinger

Title:  Librarian (Retired)
Location: Furlong, PA United States

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Christine Booth Peredney

Title:  Educator, Social Worker, Volunteer

Company: Gwinnett City Family and
Children Services

Location: Stone Mountain, GA United States
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