Teresa Ann Hardy

Teresa Ann HardyTitle: 1) Owner, Business Consultant 2) Program Project Manager

Company: 1) Hardy, Graham & Associates LLC 2) The Collaborative Firm

Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States


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Gary S. Roubin, MD, PhD

Gary S. Roubin, MD, PhDTitle: Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Consultant

Company: Excision Medical Inc.

Location: Jackson, Wyoming, United States



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Kimberly Scott-Dorsey

Kimberly Scott-DorseyTitle: New Legacy Urban Business Developer

Company: KSD Consultant Firm/Starlight Enterprises Inc. DBA, Starlight School of Humanity/Holistic Behavior Health

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


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Shelley Maberry

Shelley MaberryTitle: Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Maberry Consulting and Evaluation Services LLC

Location: Belleville, Illinois, United States



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Kathleen Overin Slobin, PhD

Title: Professor Emerita, Consultant

Company: North Dakota State University

Location:  San Francisco, California, United States



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Brent Hooks

Title: Chief Administrative Officer
Company: Allworld Project Management
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

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Robert E. Baker

Robert E. BakerTitle: Environmental Consultant

Company: Enbridge Inc.

Location: Goliad, Texas, United States





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Sharon Zinke

Sharon ZinkeTitle: Literacy Consultant, Author

Company: Rime Magic

Location: Oakland, California, United States



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