Pamela S. Hall

Title:  Environmental Consulting
Firm Executive

Company: Normandeau Associates Inc.
Location: Bedford, New Hampshire
United States
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Mary C. DeVany, CSP, MS, CHMM

Title:  Environmental Health Scientist
Company: DeVany Industrial Consultants
Location: Vancouver, Washington, United States

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Marsha E. Sitnik

Title: Museum Program Administrator
Company: National Museum of Natural History
Location: Washington, DC United States

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R. John Little, PhD

Title: President, Botanist, Consultant
Company: Sycamore Environmental
Consultants, Inc.
Location: Sacramento, CA United States
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J. Keith Hyde, Esq.

Title: Lawyer, Non-Equity Partner
Company: Provost & Umphrey Law Firm LLP
Location: Beaumont, TX United States

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Roland H. Wauer

Title: Chief of Natural Resource Management, Biologist (Retired)

Company: Caribbean National Park Service
Location: Bryan, TX United States
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Joseph Laquatra, Jr., PhD

Title:  Professor Emeritus
Company: Cornell University,
College of Human Ecology
Location: Ithaca, NY United States
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