Efren W. Gonzalez

Title: Director of Research and Development Administration (Retired)
Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States
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Stanley A. White, PhD, PE

Title:  Electrical Aerospace Engineer,
Author, Inventor, Lecturer, Researcher

Location: San Clemente, CA United States

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Prasad Yarlagadda Rao, PhD

Title:  Biotechnologist, Scientist
Company: Food and Drug Administration
Location: Silver Spring, MD United States


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John F. Asmus, PhDEE

Title:  Research Physicist
Company: University of California, San Diego
Location: La Jolla, CA United States
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Delores Phife Buford, EdD

Title:  Education Educator, Researcher (Retired)
Location: Greenville, SC United States


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Jose D. Torres-Labawld, PhD

Title: Institutional Research Director,
President, Educator
Company: MSA, LLC
Location: Athens, OH United States
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