Jonathan Lewis, MD, Ph.D.

Title: Surgeon, Biomedical Researcher, Oncologist, Entrepreneur
Company: Molecular Ninja
Location: Westport, CT United States

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Paul-AndrĂ© G. Turcotte, PhD, ThD

Title: Theologian, Researcher, Social Scientist, Educator
Companies: AIDOP; French Association for Formation and Research
in Social Sciences; Le CNRS
Location: Paris, France

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John W. Kennedy

john-kennedyMr. Kennedy has over four decades of experience finding solutions to major challenges facing humanity through applied research associated with plant and biological sciences. His research is focused on contributing to the development of world agriculture and helping to combat health and disease through cost effective ways of feeding the growing population.

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John E. Tomaszewski, MASCP, FCAP

Tomaszewski, John - CoverWith 37 years of experience in his field, Dr. Tomaszewski is known for his expertise in genitourinary pathology of the prostate and bladder, and kidney transplantation. He is tasked with maintaining an active collaborative research program in image science, building the clinical, educational and research programs and developing computational tools for quantitative analysis and immunobiology.
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Terri L. Meinking, Ph.D.

meinking, Terri - Cover

Dr. Meinking specializes in forensic entomology, radiology, oncology, microbiology, marine biology, nephrology and organophosphate pesticides, and parasitic diseases. She has garnered a reputation as an expert in her field and has hundreds of book chapters and publications, juried and refereed journal articles, press stories, videotapes, radio broadcasts, publications, abstracts, and posters, to her credit.

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