Robert Eugene Zipf, Jr., MD

Robert Eugene Zipf, Jr., MDTitle: Medical Laboratory Director, Legal Medicine Consultant, Clinical & Forensic Pathologist

Company: R.E. Zipf, PA, Pathology Associates

Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States



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Amina S. Woods, PhD

Amina S. Woods, PhDTitle: Principal Investigator, Lab Director

Company: National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Research Program

Location: Pikesville, Maryland, United States



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Bruce Jerry Kelman, Ph.D., DABT, ATS, ERT

Bruce Jerry Kelman, Ph.D., DABT, ATS, ERTTitle: Toxicologist, Consultant

Company: J.S. Held LLC

Location: Bellhingham, Washington, United States



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Evan Barr Douple, Ph.D.

Evan Barr DoupleTitle: Associate Chief of Research (Retired)

Company: Radiation Effects Research Foundation

Location: Vero Beach, Florida, United States


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