Stanley A. White, PhD, PE

Title:  Electrical Aerospace Engineer,
Author, Inventor, Lecturer, Researcher

Location: San Clemente, CA United States

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Robert C. Langdon, MD

Title: Medical Director
Company: The Langdon Center
for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Guilford, CT United States
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Prasad Yarlagadda Rao, PhD

Title:  Biotechnologist, Scientist
Company: Food and Drug Administration
Location: Silver Spring, MD United States


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Donlin M. Long, PhD, MD

Title:  Neurosurgeon; Distinguished
Service Professor of Neurosurgery (Retired)
Company: Johns Hopkins Medicine
Location: Baltimore, MD United States
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Gerald L. Woolam, MD

Title:  General Surgeon; Chief Medical Officer (Retired)
Company: FirstCare/Southwest Life and Health Insurance Company
Location: Lubbock, TX United States

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David Donaldson, MB, ChB

Title: Consultant, Pathologist
Location:  Redhill, United Kingdom
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Guy M. McKhann, MD

Title: Neurologist, Educator
Company: Johns Hopkins Hospital
Location: Baltimore, MD United States
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Thomas J. Bowles, PhD

Title: Fellow, Nuclear Physicist, Science Advisor
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Location: Los Alamos, NM United States


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