Steven M. Stanley, PhD

Title:  Paleontologist, Professor

Company: Florida State University, The Smithsonian Institution

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States


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Ryan C. Fortenberry, PhD

Ryan C. Fortenberry, PhDTitle: Professor of Chemistry

Company: The University of Mississippi, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Location: Oxford, Mississippi, United States



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Alexander F.H. Goetz, PhD

Alexander GoetzTitle: Geophysicist, Educator Emeritus

Company: University of Colorado

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States



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Donald J. Wuebbles, PhD

Title:  Atmospheric Scientist,
Harry E. Preble Endowed Professor
Company: University of Illinois,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Location: Urbana, Illinois, United States
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Russ E. Davis, PhD

Russ DavisTitle: Oceanographer, Educator, Researcher

Company: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Location:  Del Mar, California, United States


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George H. Megrue, PhD

Title:  Founder, President, Artist
Company: Megrue Microanalytical Systems Co.
Location: New Canaan, Connecticut
United States
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Julianna O. Thomas

Title: 1) Co-Chair, 2) Federal Advisory Committee 3) Director, Principal Investigator, Program Manager (Retired)
Company: 1) Hydrographic Services Review Panel (HSRP) 2) National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Services 3) University of California, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
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William W. Vaughan, PhD

Title: Atmospheric Scientist/NASA Emeritus
Company: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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Donald A. Swanson, PhD

Title: Geologist, Researcher
Company: United States Geological Survey
Location: Hilo, HI United States
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