Gertrude Y. Kerns, PhD

Title:  Clinical Psychologist
Location: Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, United States

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Prof. Eric Klinger, PhD

Title: Psychologist, Educator
Company: University of Minnesota
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
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Ranjit Majumder, PhD

Title: Psychologist, 1) Emeritus Professor 2) Emeritus Director
Company: 1) West Virginia University
2) International Center for Disability Information
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia,  United States

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Jeffrey G. Reed, PhD

Title: Organizational Psychologist,
Educator (Retired)

Location: Fond Du Lac, WI United States

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Anderson D. Smith, PhD

Title: Regents Professor of Psychology Emeritus,
Psychologist, Educator
Company: Georgia Institute of Technology
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
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Anne C. Schroer-Lamont, PhD

Title:  University Administrator, Psychologist
Location: Lexington, VA United States
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Edward M. Paul, MD

Title: Psychiatrist, Educator
Location: New York, NY United States
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James W. Miller PhD

Title: Scientist, Writer, Editor, Consultant
Location: Melbourne, FL United States
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Wayne S. Sellman, PhD

Title: Vice President for Strategic Planning (Retired)
Company: Human Resources Research Organization
Location: Annandale, VA United States
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