Joan Ferry

Title: Counseling Administrator
Company: Capital Funding Solutions
Location:  Perkasie, PA United States

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Evelyn C. Barrett

Title: Secondary Education Educator (Retired)
Company: Merrimack High School
Location: Merrimack, NH United States

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Martha J. Pullen Tibbs

Title: Civic Worker, Social Worker (Retired)
Company: Tennessee Department of Public Welfare
Location: Memphis, TN United States

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Doretha L.D. Hudspeth, Ph.D.

doretha-hudspethA letter of gratitude inspired Dr. Hudspeth to become committed to pursue her career in education.  For more than 35 years she has provided generations of students with important counseling and care.  She takes great pride in helping others. In the future she looks forward becoming a licensed professional counselor and opening up her own private practice.
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