Elaine A. Finnberg (Herndon), PhD

Title: Psychologist
Company: Private Practice,
Correctional Medical Group Companies, State of California
Location: Seaside, CA United States
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Professor GianCarlo Ghirardi

Title:  Physics Professor (Retired)
Company: University of Trieste, Italy
Location:  Trieste, Italy

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Paul W. McCree, Jr.

Title: Systems Design and Engineering
Company Executive
Company: BPR Company, Consultant Services
Location:  Sudbury, MA United States
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Raouf A. Guirguis, MD, MS, PhD

Title: President and CEO, Health Science Executive

Company: 1) AiSim Tech, LLC
2) Global Preparedness International LLC

Location:  Columbia, MD United States

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John A. Agnew Ph.D.

Title: Distinguished Professor of Geography
Company: UCLA Social Science Division
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States




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