Ralph B. D’Agostino, Sr., Ph.D.

Title:  Mathematician, Statistician,
Educator, Consultant
Company: Boston University,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Location:  Winchester, MA United States
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Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Ph.D.

Title: Interim Director
Company: Hope College
Location:  Holland, MI United States
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Herbert A. Lubs, MD

Title: Professor Emeritus,
Genetics Educator (Retired)

Company: University of Miami
Location:  Towson, MD United States

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Sarah E. White

Title: Lawyer
Company:  Westmoreland, Patterson,
Moseley & Hinson, LLP
Location:  Macon, GA United States

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Gifford H. Albright, Ph.D.

Title: Architectural Engineering Educator, Consultant (Retired)
Company: Pennsylvania State University
Location: State College, PA United States

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Murray C. Greason, Jr.

Title: Partner (Retired)
Company: Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP
Location: Winston-Salem, NC United States



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John A. Agnew Ph.D.

Title: Distinguished Professor of Geography
Company: UCLA Social Science Division
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States




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Jean M. Carfagno, MA, CATC IV

Title: 1) Therapist, Alumni Coordinator, Utilization Reviewer
2) Addiction Educator

Company: 1) Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol & Drug Treatment
2) Antioch University Graduate School

Location: Los Angeles, CA United States

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Thomas C. Price Zimmermann, Ph.D.

Title: Historian, Educator (Retired)
Company: Davidson College
Location: Huntersville, NC United States

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