John A. Linfoot, MS, MD

Title: 1) Director; Endocrinologist 2) Clinical Professor Emeritus

Company: 1) Diabetes and Endocrine Institute 2) The University of California at Davis School of Medicine

Location: Orinda, California, United States

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Bonnie Skinner Titley, EdD

Title:  Assistant Professor Emeritus (Retired) 

Company: Colorado State University, 
College of Applied Human Sciences

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado,
United States 
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David E. Miller, PhD

Title: Physics Professor Emeritus, Researcher
Company: Pennsylvania State University
Location:  Conyngham, Pennsylvania
United States
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Dennis T. Tate

Title:  Security Officer
Company: Midwestern University
Location: Joliet, Illinois, United States

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Bertram Froehly, Jr., M.D.

Title: Neurologist, Consultant

Location:  Riverside, California
United States
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Father John L. Mina, PhD

Title: Religious Studies Educator
Location: San Diego, California, United States
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Senator Maggie Tinsman

Title:  State Senator
Location: Davenport, Iowa, United States

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Allen Brings, DMA

Title: Musician, Professor Emeritus
Company: Queens College (CUNY)
Location: Wilton, Connecticut, United States
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