John R. Fix

Title: Artist; Art Educator (Retired)
Location: Stonington, CT United States

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Jeffrey G. Reed, PhD

Title: Organizational Psychologist,
Educator (Retired)
Location: Fond Du Lac, WI United States
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Colonel C. David DePriest, USAF (Ret)

Title: Engineering Executive, Military Officer
Company: DePriest Associates, Inc.
Location: Marietta, GA United States


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David O. Taber, MD

Title: Urological Surgeon
Location: El Paso, TX United States


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James A. Osborne

Title: Religious Organization Administrator
Location: Clearwater, FL United States

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Violet I. Meek, PhD

Title:  Dean (Retired), Pastor (Retired)
Company: Ohio State University
Location:  Columbus, OH United States


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Jesse Bethke Gomez, MMA

Title: Executive Director
Company: Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Location: Saint Paul, MN United States

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June D. Fleming

Title: City Manager (Retired)
Location: Franklin, VA United States

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David H. McReynolds

Title: Hospital Administrator (Retired)
Company: Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Location: Louisville, TN United States

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Judith A. Sessions

Title: Dean (Retired), University Librarian Emerita
Company: Miami University Libraries
Location: Saint Helena Island, SC United States

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