Jose D. Torres-Labawld, PhD

Title: Institutional Research Director,
President, Educator
Company: MSA, LLC
Location: Athens, OH United States
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Connie Goodman Milone

Title: Freelance Writer
Location: Miami, FL United States


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Molly C. Oberbillig

Title: Founding Sponsor
Company: Martin Luther King Junior National Memorial
Location: Olympia, WA United States

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Jennifer Kyte

jennifer-kyteJennifer Kyte brings over two decades of educational and counseling experience to The Dr. Walter A. Kyte Memorial Foundation. Based in New York State, the registered not for profit organization, works with community school districts to promote both social and educational programs.  Their mission is to increase student’s opportunities for careers in education by implementing and supporting social, economic, educational, and community based programs and events within the community.

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