Dr. Leonard Goines

Title: Composer, Music Educator, Musician
Location:  New York, NY United States

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Bonita Y.J. Manson, Ph.D., CFCS, CFLE

Title:  Associate Professor, Nutritionist

Company:  South Carolina State University
Family and Consumer Sciences

Location:  Huston, TX United States

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Wayne H. Finley, M.D., Ph.D.

Title:  Medical Educator (Retired)
Company: University of Alabama
School of Medicine
Location: Birmingham, AL United States
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Patricia R. Stromberg

Title: School Librarian (Retired)
Company: Jefferson County Public Schools
Location: Forth Worth, TX United States

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Charlotte G. Buzzelli, B.S. Ed., M.S. Ed.

Title: Special Education Teacher
Location: Akron, OH United States
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Robert B. Sanders, Ph.D.

Title: Emeritus Professor

Company: University of Kansas
Department of Molecular Biosciences

Location: Lawrence, KS United States

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Ruth Ann Gaines

Humanitarian AwardTitle: 1) State Legislator
2) Secondary School Educator (Retired)
Company: 1) Iowa House of Representatives 2) East High School
Location: Des Moines, IA United States
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Sidney Rodnunsky BEd, MEd, JD, BSc, Grand.Dipl, H.R.A, MBA J.P. Barrister & Solicitor

Humanitarian AwardTitle: Lawyer, Educator
Company: Principal Legal Counsel, Canada
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada




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Marlaina Palmeri, Ph.D.

Marlaina Palmeri

Dr. Palmeri is a notable educator working with schools to create systems and processes that inspire and motivate administrators, teachers, parents and students.  She focuses on creating exemplary charter schools, as well as the transformation and turnaround of failing schools under the educational reform agenda. Dr. Palmeri oversees all aspects of charter school development and utilizes an array of talents enabling her team to create and manage high performing schools, particularly for the nation’s most under-served students.

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