Jacob A. Lohr, MD

Title: Pediatrician, Educator
Company: University of North Carolina, Department of Pediatrics
Location: Chapel Hill, NC United States

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Mark N. Klett

Title:  Small Business Owner
Company: Klett Consulting Group, Inc.
Location: Virginia Beach, VA United States


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Daniel K. Hennessy

Title: General Counsel, Principal
Company: Garfield Public/Private LLC
Location: Dallas, TX United States

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Becky L. Gill, MD

Title: Psychiatrist (Retired)
Company: Curves of Chiefland
Location: Bronson, FL United States

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Richard C. Vie

Title: Insurance Company Executive (Retired)
Company: Kemper Corporation
Location: Lake Forest, IL United States


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H. Carl Haywood, PhD

Title: Neuro Psychologist,
Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
Company: Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Location: Nashville, TN United States
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Deborah J. Callender, LCDR, USN, Retired

Title: 1) Physical Scientist
2) Lieutenant Commander (Retired)
Company: 1) Naval Oceanographic Office 2) US Navy
Location: Carriere, MS United States
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